R Development Translation Team (Korean)

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A number of translation projects have been undertaken in many different places. To voluntarily participate in or offer your help with one of the project listed in this page or list your project here, please contact Chel Hee Lee <chelhee.lee@ucalgary.ca> or visit the project page.

Translation is dividied into four domains as below. Comments and corrections via email to Chel Hee Lee is of course most welcome.

Other resources:

R Messages and Bug-Report

R version 2.1.0 and later support Korean translations of program messages. The continuous efforts have been made by R Translation Teams . More information can be found at sections 7 Internationalization and Localization and 9.2 How to report a bug.

base distribution recommended
base base, R-base, RGui KernSmooth R-KernSmooth
compiler R-compiler MASS R-MASS
graphics graphics, R-graphics Matrix R-Matrix, Matrix
grDevices grDevices, R-grDevices boot R-boot
grid grid, R-grid class R-class
methods methods, R-methods cluster R-cluster, cluster
parallel parallel, R-parallel codetools Not Available
splines splines, R-splines foreign R-foreign, foreign
stats stats, R-stats lattice R-lattice
stats4 R-stats4 mgcv R-mgcv, mgcv
tcltk tcltk, R-tcltk nlme R-nlme, nlme
tools tools, R-tools nnet R-nnet
utils utils, R-utils rpart R-part, part
spatial R-spatial
survival Not Available

R Manuals

The R Documentation files are licensed under the GPL, version 2 or 3. This means that the pilot project to translate them into Korean has permission to reproduce them and translate them.

Introduction to R [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... completion: 99%, The review process is underway now!
R FAQ [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... completion: 90%, The review process is just started!
R Installation and Administration [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... completion: 90%, (updating)
R Windows FAQ [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... completion: 70%, the initial translation is still underway.
Writing R Extensions [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... 10% in progress
The R language definition [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... 5% in progres
R Internals [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... 5% in progres
R Data Import/Export [English] [Verbatim Process] [Korean] .......... 20% completion (updating).

Special thanks to Woo June Jung (홍익대학교 정우준님 <whitelog6@gmail.com>, 13-JUL-2013) for the initial translation of R Data Import and Export (based on the version 2.9.1) in Korean. To find this document, R Data Import and Export - 정우준.

R package translation.ko: R Manuals Literally Translated in Korean at CRAN

	R> install.packages(pkgs="https://homepage.usask.ca/~chl948/pkg/translation.ko_x.x.x.tar.gz", 
		 type="source", method="libcurl")

Rd files(under development)

Consider a situation where 'nrow.Rd' file in the 'base' package is translated in Korean; then, it would be good to present this translation process as below:
packageRd file (English)HTML (Korean)

Web Pages at R-project.org

Contributed Talks and Documents

In order to list your talks, documents, packages, and other resources here, please contact Chel Hee Lee.

Prof. Duncan Murdoch (University of Western Ontario, Canada, 30-MAY-2014) Recent Development in rgl
Prof. Duncan Murodch (University of Western Onatrio, Canada, 30-MAY-2014) Advanced Sweave Techniques
Prof. Peter Dalgarrd (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, 30-MAY-2014) R Core Team: Development Principles and War Stories
Prof. Peter Dalgarrd (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, 30-MAY-2014) R Strengths and Weaknesses: The Two Sides of the Coin
Fernando Henrique Ferraz Pereira da Rosa (British American Tabacco, Brazil, 30-MAY-2014) Deploying R solutions in the Corporate World
Chel Hee Lee - Reproducible Research using Sweave
Prof. Eric Kim (한양대학교 김경태 교수님, CEO at the-ecg.com <eric@the-ecg.com>, 12-APR-2013): R을 이용한 빅데이터 분석
Minkoo Seo (구글 소프트웨어 엔지니어 서민구님 <minkoo.seo@gmail.com>, 23-FEB-2013): R을 이용한 데이터 분석실무
Woo June Jung (홍익대학교 정우준님 <whitelog6@gmail.com>, 13-JUL-2013): R Data Import and Export - 정우준
All talks presented in R Users Conference 2012 can be found at the page http://www.ktcloudware.com/seminar/down.html
Prof. Duncan Murdoch (University of Western Onatrio, Canada, 30-OCT-2011): Welcome to the First Korean R Meeting! [PDF] [mp3]
Prof. Friedrich Liesch (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna) and Chel Hee Lee (University of Saskatchewan, Canada, 30-OCT-2011): Must-Know Things In GNU R for Sharing Knowledge
Tal galili (Tel Aviv University, Israel, 30-OCT-2011) The present and future of the R bloggers.com
Sangok Dong(동상옥님, 05-OCT-2010) R을 사용한 사회과학 조사 방법론 교재
Chunghyun Ryu (오픈베이스 유충현님, http://blog.naver.com/bdboys, 05-OCT-2010) Mosaic plot, Spine plot, Radar plot, Colours, Trellis and Lattice, Circles, Maps, Fonts, Vectors, Matrices, S-Plus vs. R, Sets and Boolean algebra, Distributions, Visualization (General)
Prof. Jong Ho Park (순천대학교 박종호 교수님 <schrs@scnu.ac.kr>, 27-JUL-2010): The Friendly Beginners' R Course (초보자를 위한 친근한 강좌)
Hong Chan Eui (성균관대학교 통계학과 홍찬의님, <nadeb3@gmail.com>, 26-JUN-2010): LaTeX HowTo (레이텍 하우투)
Sae Yeun Lee (AMA.COM CRM 컨설턴트 이세연님 <mandooms@gmail.com> 18-FEB-2010): R Reference Card (R 레퍼런스 카드)
Chel Hee Lee : Sweave and R

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